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Flake flooring


With Premium Concrete Resurfacing specialising in Flake flooring we provide low-maintenance seam free decorative flooring that is resilient to chemicals, long lasting and durable.Starting with the correct preparation and consisting of muliple coats of epoxy, flake coat and muliple coats of polyurethane/ polyaspartics top coats.

Hyper flake


Hyper Flake Systems are a new and exciting alternative to the traditional polished floor or grind & seal system when the desired look might not be achievable. Hyper Flake Systems can have a high gloss super smooth finish offering a decorative finish for internal areas including the home, office, showrooms etc.


Epoxy coatings systems

Epoxy coatings have amazing adhesion and protective properties to the concrete surface. With the correct preparation and using Premium product range with experianced application we can provide a low-maintenance seem free chemical resistant flooring option. Epoxy has the ability to strengthen the concrete floor surface and protect it from wear and tear while giving a seamless look. Epoxy floor coatings come in many colours, gloss and semi gloss and non slip options. Offering solvent and water-based system to suit all options.

Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete will provide a low maintence, scratch resistant beautiful eye pleaseing finish. The result is a modern looking floor that goes with all kinds of interior designs. With no on going sealing necessary, you will have a long lasting efficient floor in a Matt, Satin or Gloss finishes.

Polished Concrete
Concrete Grinding

Grind and Seal

Grind & Seal is an alternative to traditional polished concrete. We can gind to expose full stone or minamal amount of stone then sealing with clear sealers to enhance the concrete look. Many types of sealers can be used in a matt, satin or gloss finish. Differnt sealers can lighten or darken the finish. Some sealers used are epoxy, polyurethanes, acrylic selaers and polyaspartics. Water based and solvent based products can be used.

living room

Polyurethane & Polyaspartic Systems

Polyurethane and Polyaspartic floor systems are practical and has a very pleasing aesthetic look. Polyurethane and Polyaspartics normally used as part of a system including epoxy but can be used as a stand alone product which can come in clear finishes as well as many tinted colours. Benifits of a quick turn around as both have quick drying capabilities and good chemical resistance. Both have fantastic UV stable and non yellowing capabilities in protecting itself as well as the undercoats of epoxy. Different non slip, satin and gloss options available.

concrete grind

Concrete grinding, Coatings and glue removal

Concrete grinding uses an abrasive tool that has graded industrial diamonds that sands away at the concrete surface. Grinding concrete is done both wet and dry. Dry grinding is more common now with advancments in quality vacuum systems which leave non to very minimal dust behind. Prep grinding for new coatings, tiles, carpets or flooring is normally required.When old flooring is removed like tiles, wood or even carpet various types of adhesives and coating is left behind which will need to be removed before moving onto your new floor. Best way to remove unwanted glues,grouts and old coatings is to diamond grind the concrete surafce clean.

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